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The Biking Dead Tour

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Beginning: Casa Del Taco, 173 GA-85, Haralson, GA 30229


Walking Dead Haralson Tours

The Walking Dead Episode 313 – Arrow On The Doorpost
32 Main St Harlson, GA 30276 – Esco Feed Mill
TWD S3E13 “Arrow On The Doorpost”: In the thirteenth episode of the third season, Rick and the Governor are scheduled to meet, apparently at the urging of Andrea.

The Walking Dead Episode 302 – Sick
2 Main St, Haralson, GA 30276
TWD S3E2 “Sick”: Michonne enters this store, dispatches a few zombies occupying the building, then retrieves some aspirin for the ailing Andrea.
Video Link: 

Season 3, Episode 13 "Rick Meets With the Governor" - Video Link

TWD S2E8 "Nebraska": This is the location when Rick and Glenn are driving to find Hershel they actually pass the "Case General Store" from S3E1. **Thanks to Zincadus**


BONUS SITE!! - Haralson -49 Addy St Haralson, GA 30276

The Walking Dead Episode 302 – Sick
TWD S3E2 “Sick”: After retrieving the aspirin from the general store, Michonne returns to the Sportsman’s Deer Cooler where she and Andrea are temporarily staying. After discussing Andrea’s condition, the two decide to leave the area due to the increased zombie presence.
GPS: 33.22724, -84.57154


BONUS SITE!! - Senoia - Steakhouse

34 Chestlehurst Rd Senoia, GA 30276
Season 3, Episode 15 "The Sorrowful Life" - Video Link

maxresdefault (1).jpg

BONUS SITE!! - Sharpsburg - 159 Terrentine Rd, Sharpsburg, GA 30277

The Walking Dead Episode 208 – Nebraska
TWD S2E8 “Nebraska”: In the eighth episode of the second season, Rick and Glenn search for, and find, Hershel near the pharmacy in a bar. They are discovered by two unknown survivors who wish to go back to Hershel’s farm, but Rick has objections.
GPS: 33.33916, -84.64881

The Walking Dead Episode 204 – Cherokee Rose
98 Main St Sharpsburg, GA 30277
TWD S2E4 “Cherokee Rose”: In episode 4 of the second season, Glenn and Maggie venture to a pharmacy near the farm in search of medical supplies.
GPS: 33.33933, -84.649


BONUS SITE!! - Grantville - 1 Main St, Grantville, GA 30220

The Walking Dead Episode 312 – Clear

TWD S3E12 “Clear”: In the twelfth episode of season three, Rick, Michonne, and Carl come across Morgan, a fellow survivor who saved Rick in the pilot episode. The evade all the walker traps Morgan has in place around where he lives and later leave Morgan in the town, cleaning up.
GPS: 33.23451, -84.8354

Morgan Disposes of WAlkers
Video Location:
TWD S3E12 "Clear": In the twelfth episode of season three, as Rick, Michonne, and Carl are leaving Morgan behind, they pass him inside the ruins of an old building as he disposes of the bodies of walkers killed in the town during the episode.
GPS: 33.23372, -84.83479

Grantville E Wall.jpg
Grantville C Traps.jpg

Stop 1:  Downtown Hogansville, Ga - 400 East Main St.

Public On Street or Public Parking Lot

TWD S9E11 "Bounty" - It's Movie Time, yells Jerry as the group heads to this abandoned movie theater to retrieve projector bulbs. They also obtain a movie poster frame to place their charter in back at the community.

TWD S9E11 "Bounty" - The King and Queen make their way on horse-drawn carriage back to the Kingdom after leaving the abandoned movie theater with the newly acquired bulbs in tow.    Guide will be leaving at 130 pm.


Stop 2: 30 Durand St, Woodbury, GA

TWD S9E9 "Adaptation" - Here we see a newly free Negan after "escaping" ASZ, sitting by a car with his supplies and several walkers are close by. Trying to dispose of them he is a little winded but is able to kill them at the expense of losing his bag of supplies after the walker falls on it. 

TWD S9E6 "Who Are You Now?" - On the road, Carol tells Henry they have to take a detour before going to Hilltop. Suddenly, they hear a woman scream and Henry runs over to help but finds Regina with a group of former Saviors.

TWD S9E9 "Adaptation" - After the midseason finale, Jesus has been killed by the Whisperers and they must make their way back home to return to Hilltop. They travel through this area while carrying him and his limp body back to the horses.  Guide will be leaving at 2 pm.


BONUS SITE!! - 4442 Cove Rd, Woodbury GA 
Walking Dead Episode 612 – Not Tomorrow Yet

TWD S6E12 “Not Tomorrow Yet”: This is the location where Rick and the group go to rescue one of the Hilltop member’s at the Savior’s Compound.

GPS: 32.93705, -84.53838

The Walking Dead Episode 801 – Mercy

TWD S8E1 “Mercy” – We see a shot back at the Savior’s Compound where many walkers walk along the fence line. It is presumed that Rick, Daryl, Morgan, and several other members of the team surround the woods having different conversations looking at the compound itself.
GPS: 32.93771, -84.53896


BONUS SITE!! - 29 River Cove Rd Woodbury, GA 30293

The Walking Dead Episode 409 – After
TWD S4E9 “After”: In the ninth episode, after the destruction of the prison and the survivors scatter, Rick and Carl happen across a small restaurant on the side of the road where they dispatch a walker and scavenge for food. (This is not located downtown, the address is 29 River Cove Rd)
Video Link: 


Stop 3: 1060 Covered Bridge Road, Woodbury, GA

Parking at Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge Picnic Area

TWD S9E9 "Adaptation" - After discovering a herd the group finds a covered bridge. Among the group of walkers several Whisperers are identified, killed, and then one is taken hostage.  Guide will be leaving at 2:30 pm. 


Stop 4:  **NO GUIDE** 20315 GA-85, Gay, GA 30218


Video Location:
TWD S3E6 "Hounded": In the sixth episode of the third season, Glenn and Maggie make a run for supplies. They find baby formula as well as some other supplies but their trip is cut short when Merle appears, takes Maggie hostage, and makes Glenn drive all three of them back to Woodbury.


End Back at: Casa Del Taco, 173 GA-85, Haralson, GA 30229, Last Bike in at 3pm!!

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