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Our Annual Events.

Please visit any individual Chapter's Facebook page to see what they have going on (Chapters are on the home page).  These are just a few of our favorites from over the years...

Armed Forces Day Poker Run

This was our first ever event in 2007, and was one of our most participated in runs.  It was held on the weekend of Armed Forces Day (May 19th), and circled Fort Stewart.  All the stops were military related and the ride ended at the VFW in Hinesville, GA.  This photo is from 2007, and pictured are (left to right) Bloody, Big Matt, Laundro-Matt, Cin, Mini-Matt, (holding up) June Cleavage, and Private Hell.  Big Matt is unfortunately no longer with us, Rest In Peace soldier, Godspeed.

Savannah Veterans' Day Parade

We have participated in the Savannah Veterans' Day Parade since 2007.  We have gone from 3 bikes those first 2 years, to the largest motorcycle entry in the parade, numbering over 100.  Spectators say it is quite a sight, and a sound, to hear 100+ motorcycles roaring, at the speed of snails, through the historic district of Savannah.  We know it is quite an honor, and always memorable, to be able to ride in honor of our veterans.  And many ride with us!  This photo is from 2012, and pictured front row, (left to right), are Cin, Bloody, Private Hell and Jerzey.

Cookie Drive for Valentine's Day

All of our Chapters have participated in this!  Fire up your ovens to send the troops some Lovin'.  That's the hook line we use every year at the end of January to collect home baked cookies to package up and send overseas to our soldiers. This event has grown exponentially every year, from 300 dozen to over 6,000 dozen in 2012.  Many members of the community come out to help pack HUNDREDS of flat rate boxes full of home baked goodies.  The cookies not shipped are distributed to VFWs, American Legions, Army Hospitals and take out on our Red Cross missions for deploying/redeploying military in time for Valentine's Day.

BDT Back Trans PNG.png
Senoia's Biking Dead Tour

This super fun tour ride following the Walking Dead filming sights was a great success in 2014, and for the years following, updating the ride with new filming locations as the series continues. 



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